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I love both, (Heat a little more), but I'm not sure which one to choose. Heat Rotom has many resistances, and it's Water weakness can be countered with an electric type attack, but Heat Rotom's special move, Overheat, is terrible. Every one of my attacks is special, and Overheat lowers my special attack by two stages each time I use it, and I just hate the attack anyways. Rotom Wash on the other hand doesn't have the Water weakness, but has waaay fewer resistances. But, it does have Hydro Pump, which doesn't lower your sp. attack, and is actually one of my favorite moves.
Can someone please tell me which one is better?

EDIT: Thanks for all of your help, guys! I'm going to stick with Rotom-Heat.

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They can both be used for a variety of things, there's not really a definite better one. Maybe in usage, or stats, you could ask.

Also for Rotom-Heat, Volt Switch is a pretty common move on it so it can switch out after the Sp. Atk drop, and anyways, Rotom's forms are probably better used as stall or utility rather than a sweeper unit.
I'm a casual Pokemon gamer, and I don't do online battles very much, so I just use all of my Pokemon to do damage. I don't really give them roles. So I'm just trying to get a Rotom with good damage and good PP.
In that case, then there really isn't a better one. Right now I'll say Rotom-Heat because its move, Overheat, has more Base Power and Volt Switch works really well for it. You could also consider Thunderbolt, Thunder, or Pain Split.

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So lets group their special things.
First of all, they're both immune to ground. Win-win.
Like said in the comments, Rotom Heat has many resistances- Fire, grass, flying, ice, bug, steel, and fairy- but with two weaknsesses, water and rock. Rotom Water/Wash, however has only one weakness- grass, but has many less resistances- steel, fire, water, ice, flying, and ground.
They both have the same stats, and neither get any moves to cover their resistances- Unless you count Sunny Day and Will-o-wisp. But all Rotom can learn that. Overheat has 130 power and 90 accuracy, but with the special attack drop, it's kind of impossible to use it 2+ times without getting stat boosts. Hydro Pump's power is 110 and 80 accuracy, so it's a bit of a loss.

So overall, it pretty much depends if you're looking for someone to resist attacks, use overheat, and switch (rotom heat) and someone to just to Hydro Pump and troll people who don't have any grass moves on their Pokemon, go for Rotom Water.

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110 accuracy yes please
oH GOD sorry let me fix that
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Rotom-Heat works well in-game because if you KO with an Overheat youre allowed a free switch. In-game anything works really and honestly you should use your favourites in game, regardless of whether they're strong.
Only in competitive battling you should worry about what's best for the team.

Hope I helped.

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If this is not for the competitive scene, then you should probably choose Rotom Heat. Overheat is just more powerful and you can deal with the Sp. Atk drop with Volt Switch, a decent move that allows for a free switch. Hydro Pump, on Rotom Wash, is okay too, just with less power and less accuracy. It honestly just comes up to you, whichever one that you like more, which would be Rotom Heat, as you mentioned above. If it's ingame, it doesn't really matter because you have to worry about less things.