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In my Pokemon Y, I've been battling alot on the battle spot but as I save some matches, there's no option on the recorder where it can let me register the battle to be seen in public. I even deleted some saved match long before. (Damn I feel stupid)

Maybe you reached the maximum limit for saved battles.
The only problems that I can think of is your SD card doesn't have enough space on it or you have too many videos saved.

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Well, it would make sense if you're not connected to the internet, so the most advice I can offer you is to check whether you were connected to the internet or not. If you are, then I'm stupid :P

Unless you're doing battles with a person that is close to you, you can't battle online, and even if you aren't connected to the internet, you can still save battles.
but the question says battle spot
You still can't battle on Battle Spot (As far as I know) without internet