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I don't want to waste my time training my Togepi, so I'm wondering what Pokemon are compatible together to get either gender of Togetic.


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No, you can't breed a Togetic/Togekiss to get a Togetic, unfortunately. The offspring will always be a Togepi.

Edit: To breed a Togepi you need either gender of Togetic/Togekiss and a Ditto, or a female Togetic/Togekiss and a male Pokémon from the Flying or Fairy egg groups.

Source: I have suffered through breeding Togepi before and have come across this dilemma myself.

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oh. Thanks for the answer anyway. Looks like i will have to train the togepi i have now.
No problem :)
All you need to do is spam Grepa, Kelpsy, Qualot or Pomeg berries (preserving Sp. Atk and speed) to max friendship. Then use 1 rare candy and you have a level 2 Togetic.
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You cannot breed to hatch Togetic from an Egg. No matter what, you'll only ever be able to hatch Togepi from an egg. But, if you want to hatch a Togepi from an egg, either make the female parent a Togetic/Togekiss or breed a Togetic/Togekiss with a Ditto.