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charizard x
ev: 252 attack - 252 speed - 4 hp
nature: lonely
- dragon claw
-swords dance
- flare blitz/ fire punch
- earthquacke

ev: 252 sp attack - 252 sp def - 4 hp
nature: modest
- moonblast
- shadow ball
- future sight
- energy ball

ev: 252 attack - 252 hp - 4 sp def
nature: lonely
- sucker punch
-power up punch
- play rough
- iron head

Ask this in RMT and include information on format and the rest of your team.

2 Answers

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Let me say a few things-

-Dragon Dance is better than Swords Dance on Charizard.
-Future Sight is pretty bad and you should replace it with Psyshock to hit Chansey and other special walls.
-Mawile likes using Swords Dance more than Power Up Punch
-Gardevoir should use 252 Speed EVs over Special Defense

It really depends on the rest of your team, but I'd say that if you change what I suggested you change, Mega Mawile would be the best, but note that it's banned in most Smogon formats.

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I would go w/ Gardevoir because it is (almost) BR. Lonely is better for mixed sweepers... Also, switch Gardevoir's SpD EVS with Speed EVS