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i want a fire type that can crush the opponent with one hit. chandelure has a great sp.attack and charizard X attack stat.

charizard X moveset:
fire punch
dragon claw
steel wing
ability: tough claws
ev's: attack and speed

chandelure moveset:
shadow ball
heat wave
energy ball
dark pulse
ability: shadow tag (how do I get one with shadow tag)
ev's: sp attack and .... no idea

What's the rest of the team?
You can't get a Chandelure with Shadow Tag, it's HA was changed to Infiltrator.
Just because they're both fire types doesn't mean they're really comparable...
Their roles are very different. You will need to ask this again in RMT and post the rest of your team.
you need to give the rest of your team and post it on battle subway

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First off, where's the rest of your team? I need more information if I want to compare the two. Other than that, I'm going to pretend that you're just going to pick between the two as the starter/head of making your team.

First, let's start off by looking at Charizard, more importantly, Mega Charizard X.
enter image description here


Ability: Blaze (HA: Solar Power)
HP: 78
Atk: 84
Def: 78
Sp. Atk: 109
Sp. Def: 85
Spd: 100

enter image description here

Mega Charizard (X)

Ability: Tough Claws
HP: 78
Atk: 130
Def: 111
Sp. Atk: 130
Sp. Def: 85
Spd: 100

We know that Mega Charizard is more of an attacker, rather than a mixed one. Looking at stats, Mega Char X just gets buffs in attack, defense, and special attack from a regular Charizard. It's not really a hit-off with stats.

I think we may need to make small changes to Mega Char X's Moveset. Here's what I have in mind of what you could use:

Flare Blitz (risky)
Outrage (risky)
Brick Break
Sky Drop
Dragon Tail (not really recommended)
Power-Up Punch (not really recommended)
Giga Impact (risky & not really recommended)
Shadow Claw

Lastly, let's split up the EVs if you're going to use him:
Atk: 200
Def: 115
Sp. Atk:
Sp. Def: 55
Spd: 140

See how I mainly spread it to the Atk. and Spd. (because that's what I think Mega Char X needs a buff at) and also minorly spread it to Def. and Sp. Def.? (You want to might think carefully about who and what's hitting at it, so adding the small buff is good enough.)

Now let's look at Chandelure.
enter image description here


Ability: Flame Body/Flash Fire (HA: Infiltrator)
HP: 60
Atk: 55
Def: 90
Sp. Atk: 145
Sp. Def: 90
Spd: 80

Chandelure is more of a Special Attacker (given off it's massive base Sp. Atk compared to both Charizard and Mega Charizard X), and it has mediocre HP, Atk, and Spd, making it's (somewhat large but short) impression of threat dwindle down. Once this thing is low on HP- or the attacker has an upper-hand- you better kiss this flame candle good-bye, as it deals massive damage due to it's small Defense (but not mediocre enough). However it it does survive, it's a big threat.

Let's at least see what good move Chandelure can work with:

Fire Blast
Will-O-Wisp (not really recommended)
Inferno (not really recommended)
Solar Beam (not recommended)

Lastly, let's split up the EVs.

Def: 50
Sp. Atk: 252
Sp. Def: 158
Spd: 50

Splitting up the EVs like this gives Chandelure a chance to survive and hit to opponent with it's massive Sp. Atk.

Either way, both Pokemon are really good. However, one specializes in physically attacking and speed, while the other specializes in specially attacking at the cost of it's speed and defense. If I were you, if you're going to making your team all-out physical attacking, I would recommend Chandelure as support for a physically bulky opponent. If you're going to make your team all-out special attacking, I would recommend Mega Charizard, as support for a specially bulky opponent.

Hope I helped!

~ Germania

other pokemon are
xerneas: horn leech - moonblast - close combat - night slash
blastoise: aura sphere - dragon pulse - water spout - rapid spin
charizard/chandelure: you know what they have
salamence: fly - dragon pulse - heat wave - crunch
lucario: aura sphere - dragon pulse - blaze kick - dark pulse
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It depends on the rest of your team really, also you won't be able to use it chandelure in bspot And tournaments if your looking for that as they changed the HA in gen 6 but still usable in smogon battles etc. I would recommend Charizard as chansey is a common ou wall that has better sp. Def than def. also to answer how to get a chandelure with shadow tag is A: buy black 2 or white 2 , buy Pokemon dream radar, keep catching Pokemon until you find litwick, it is guaranteed to have its ha, then do ev training in gen 5 and evolving in gen 5 then transfer it to gen 6 OR. Get a hacker or yourself to hack that moveset and make the ability flash fire and set the origin game to black2s code or white2s code.

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If it is just these two Pokemon and no other options, Charizard X hits harder.

These are different beatsticks though. Charizard hits physically and Chandelure is a Sp. Attacker. Neither will OHKO consistently. Might I suggest Dragon Dance on Charizard?

if you get the change to use it. i want to be sure that i hit the opponent
So would you rather use the low power, low accuracy steel wing, which will not secure you any OHKOs and will miss quite often, or Dragon Dance, which should be used when your opponent is faster than you or would require a bit more than one hit to KO. See, if you use it, you will outspeed the faster Pokemon on the next turn, which means you didn't lose an attack and that you hit harder. You won't be securing many OHKOs any other way, really.
I notice that none of your Pokemon have set up moves. You're going to have a hard time with this team competitively.

On a balance note, Chandelure balances your team more than Char.