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I've been hatching 1500 flabebe eggs, theorycally half of the eggs I've been breeding in 619 hours and I didn't get any *** shiny white flabebe

Most of the shiny I've got were after 50-60 eggs, some of them were unwanted but flabebe still no shiny, so is it shiny locked so I can stop breeding them & just train one of the baby's I got?

Well it is up to RNG after all, you can't expect to get one after 50-60 even though you did in your other times.

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White Flabébé is not shiny locked at all. I'm sorry to say that you are just having issues with the Random Number Generator (RNG). I assume you are using the Masuda Method, but if not, use it. It will help greatly. Just keep hatching. It took me a very long time to get a shiny Pumpkaboo and shiny Treecko -- Thousands of eggs for each actually -- so don't worry. Keep trying.

OK thanks, I'll keep hatching eggs then, I'm using Masuda method + shiny charm, I hope that I'll get it today with 6iv or 5 perfect X-Atk
I have the shiny charm on my Omega Ruby, and I was using the Masuda Method, and it took me nearly 2000 eggs to hatch a shiny Deerling. Then I got a shiny Pawniard after only 32 eggs... yeah
I got 2 Shiny Froakies in under ~200 eggs, but I'm easily over 500 with Skarmory with no Shiny yet.