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I don't know if this question is meant to go here, but I'm having some troubles using the Battle Spot on the PSS. I go to Random Matchup > Free Battle and a message comes up saying "Communication with the server was interrupted." But the GTS and Wonder Trade works no problem. Does anyone else have this problem and can anyone help me? I'd really like to start battling again. :(

This problem is occurring on both Omega Ruby and Y.

Make sure you're not using an emulator. That's all I can help with.
I'm using a copy I bought from the store

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There are two possibilities:

  • You're actually lying and you did hack them or someone else hacked them for you or someone who hacked them gave them to you.

  • The other possibility regards the recent hack checks to the online system. People who have been caught using hacked Pokemon in the past are subject to harsher treatments now (because some hacked Pokemon have been able to erase the opponent's save file after battles) - the primary means of this is banning you from online battles.


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I'm using a copy I bought from the store and I've never hacked my game. Just a couple weeks ago it worked fine so I'm assuming it has something to do with my 3DS connection maybe? I don't know. Thank you though