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I was looking through the GTS (which is far more broken than I could have imagined, but we all know that) and came across many Shaymin with the same tag, item, and trade request, all shiny and all from Lorraine in France. They even had the same glitchy looking profile image. Is this some French hacktivist group making a mockery of the GTS and other Nintendo online stuff, or something else (something bigger)? I've tried Google on all the tags, but nothing comes up, any thoughts?

Geez, I did what you said, and it's pretty creepy... *shudders*
I often see the exact same pokemon on gts from the same trainer 10+ times in a row they are normaly from some part of asia or usa I think I never see any from france tho 0_o
Indeed I can do this......but if u want to know you can DM me on Instagram: pokemonfan_4life

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To be fairly honest the only way of answering this is to ask them, however it just seems so weird that I assume that it is a hacker of sorts, and numerous other ORAS/XY online features have these people (passerby hackers with glitched profiles, etc). In conclusion this probably isn't some form of world wide event as the only thing effected is the GTS when searching for a Shaymin.

Sorry if this didn't really answer, but with the limited info I really couldn't understand the point of what the hackers are doing.

TL;DR: Hackers being hackers.

Hope I helped!

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with this in mind I Googled (can't believe that's now a word) GTS specifically and yeah, hacking is rife, in particular bad names and impossible trades. #CleanTheGTS
Well its me i have hack Shaymin in gts . LdJ it's my team . In french LdJ = LigueDesJambons lol . I spam it just for the fun . I dont need be a japanese or a USA to hack the gts and i creat all pokemon that i want .