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I know the basics of the Friend Safari; requirements, chances, some statistics. I know a few things a little deeper as well. I have a friend on my Pokémon X game of whom I have long since lost contact with, and I don't even really remember who they are, but something seems to be up with their safari or more specifically, one of the Pokémon in it.

This person has a Ghost type safari, which has Golurk, Pumpkaboo, and most importantly to this question, Shuppet. I have access to all three Pokémon, of course.

I have caught Pumpkaboo with all three abilities (which includes the HA Insomnia,) and Golurk with all three abilities (including No Guard.) However, I have not- after months of constant hunting -caught a single Shuppet with Cursed Body! I've only gotten Frisk and Insomnia Shuppets. And I've gone through many Shuppets.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this is occuring? Or am I just extremely unlucky as usual?

Help and feedback is appreciated!

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Is it a bad thing to wonder why you want a Banette?
YES. I do not want a Banette.
@cinco it's okay, thanks for clarifying
@sumwun why is this so important to you xD
If I see something I don't understand, I get a natural urge to attempt to understand it.

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You must just be extremely unlucky just like you said. But I would just double check all those shuppets. They might be hiding something. :)

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Alright, thank you for the answer. :)
Unfortunately I've checked all the Shuppets by using Trace, but it wouldn't hurt to go at it again.
You know whats the funniest thing i got a shuppet first try with cursed body.  Sorry dude them shuppets don't like you.