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I know the basics of the Friend Safari; requirements, chances, some statistics. I know a few things a little deeper as well. I have a friend on my Pokémon X game of whom I have long since lost contact with, and I don't even really remember who they are, but something seems to be up with their safari or more specifically, one of the Pokémon in it.

This person has a Ghost type safari, which has Golurk, Pumpkaboo, and most importantly to this question, Shuppet. I have access to all three Pokémon, of course.

I have caught Pumpkaboo with all three abilities (which includes the HA Insomnia,) and Golurk with all three abilities (including No Guard.) However, I have not- after months of constant hunting -caught a single Shuppet with Cursed Body! I've only gotten Frisk and Insomnia Shuppets. And I've gone through many Shuppets.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this is occuring? Or am I just extremely unlucky as usual?

Help and feedback is appreciated!

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Your friend's game hates you. That's all.
Also, why would you want a cursed body Banette? Banette is only good with mega evolution, and frisk is the only ability that's guaranteed to activate before mega evolving and can activate without taking damage.
Because I find Frisk absolutely useless to me. Why would I care what someone is holding? Would be nice for smaller reasons, but it's not like I'm going to do anything about what they're holding in a battle. And also, I could care less if Banette isn't good unless mega-evolved. I just want a Shuppet with Cursed Body.
Frisking items is extremely useful in competitive, actually. If you find out what item a Pokemon has, you can usually predict its set and then counter it. For example, Azumarill can run a Belly Drum/Sitrus Berry set, a Choice Band set, or an Assault Vest set, and by frisking its item you will know which of these sets it is using.
But I have no knowledge of these sets to predict them. So again, it's of no use to me. I'm not very competetive anyway and stick more to what I can do to beat post-game.
Even if you're not very competitive, Aegislash is much better than Banette.
Matter of opinion. I hate Aegislash as a Pokemon. I'm not looking for a good Pokemon. I'm looking for a Shuppet with Cursed Body. I'm sorry to say I don't appreciate nor welcome your suggestions. Please stop telling what is better, I do not care. I'm playing post game and dicking around, I'm not asking for a critique on my Pokemon choices. I never even said I battled, or would battle with the Banette for christ's sake.
I'm sorry I don't understand people, but how is a cursed body Banette going to help you beat anything?
You obviously don't understand people.
Because I literally said all i want
Is a
Stop looking so far into the future I do not care for a Banette. I'm honestly getting tired of this and requested you stop but you have not. I never even said I would BATTLE WITH A BANETTE. POKEMON OR PEOPLE.
Can't beat anything if you don't fight anything. So please pay attention and read my responses thoroughly for once because you didn't listen to my request to quit it either.
hey, all I did is comment about frisk, I never said anything about your decisions.
I apologize, those weren't directed towards you, Nicolas. They were directed at sumwun
Is it a bad thing to wonder why you want a Banette?
YES. I do not want a Banette.
@cinco it's okay, thanks for clarifying
@sumwun why is this so important to you xD
If I see something I don't understand, I get a natural urge to attempt to understand it.

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You must just be extremely unlucky just like you said. But I would just double check all those shuppets. They might be hiding something. :)

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Alright, thank you for the answer. :)
Unfortunately I've checked all the Shuppets by using Trace, but it wouldn't hurt to go at it again.
You know whats the funniest thing i got a shuppet first try with cursed body.  Sorry dude them shuppets don't like you.