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And how to beat garchomp


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When you mean is Torterra the best to get in platinum do you mean starters? If so than the choice is purely up to you. I'll just provide information on the 3 final evolution of the starters and my opinion.

Total base stat:
Well even though Torterra has the lowest total base stat at 525 it can boast having the highest Hp, Att, and Def of the three. The only downfall of Torterra is it's poor speed that can really hurt you in close battles that require just 1 more attack from either sides.

Number of Weaknesses and Resistance:
Torterra:4 Weaknesses and 3 Resistance
Empoleon: 3 Weaknesses and 12 Resistance
Infernape: 4 Weaknesses and 6 Resistance
Here is Torterra's Achilles' heel with only having 3 types of resistance and 4 weaknesses. Compared to the others Torterra is far behind.

Overall opinion:
Torterra is a weird one. It's a bulky Grass/Ground type with high Att and Def at the cost of very low SpAtt and Spe. It has STAB Earthquake which is a plus and is good at tanking. Overall Torterra is a pretty decent pokemon that can hold it's own against anyone.(except ice pokemon! 4'x weakness!!)

and to answer your other question about how to beat garchomp. Just get a pokemon with ice beam/blizzard or anything ice because garchomp has a 4'x weakness to ice.

Torterra is way better then you think, test him out, he can pwn both Empoleon and Infernape! And he can be fast!! And he can have high special attack!! It has a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better moveset than this sites "precious Infernape" and Empoloeon. Also, it is almost as good as swampert, statwise, I know that for sure. So this sites base stats arent exactlly right, speed freak agrees with me right? Torterra is amazing!
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Yes and his speed is not hopeless mine is level 100 and his speed is 205 he was my very first pokemon his earthwuake pwns all but thoughs who are amune to it