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I have a Pokemon with a timid nature and 31 IV in the speed stat but my Pokemon speed stat isn't where it should be at its lvl (50). Is this something that will be fixed later on as it levels up?

P.s it's special trained in speed and special attack

Would it be possible to outline which Pokemon you are talking about and what its specific EVs are? This is difficult to answer without such information.
Note that if you do not know the exact EVs, it's hard to make a founded judgement on where your Pokemon's stats "should be" in the first place.

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This is a very difficult question to answer as you have not given us much information, and I'm guessing special trained means EV trained.

  • Maybe you didn't fully EV train, the Pokemon, check the difference between the two stats.

  • Check the IVs again. The guy will say "Stats like those... They simply can't be beat! That's how I judge it." in reference to your speed if it 31.

These are all I can think of, as you haven't given't us a lot of info. Try and check how you got the number it should be, (x at Level 50).