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According to the Aether Foundation and Gladion, the Type: Null were originally called Type: Full before they "malfunctioned" and were given those restraining helmets and renamed Type: Null. Because Silvally is just Type: Null without the mask, wouldn't it make more sense for it to be called Type: Full?

That would be Type: Bull-S**t            Just kidding, but you have a good point
That's a really good point. I don't think this is good enough as an answer, since its only a theory, but I think Gladion himself renamed the species to be called Silvally. I've heard somewhere Silvally means "silver ally" and I think it would make sense since Gladion considers Silvally to be his partner- "ally"- pokemon.
It was the choice of the developers. It might have some logic behind it, it might not,  but how is anyone here supposed to know?

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The answer lies in the Pokémon Moon Pokédex entry.

Although its name was Type: Null at first, the boy who evolved it into this form gave it the name by which it is now known.

So basically Gladion nicknamed it Silvally when it evolved.


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Awesome, thanks!
dang, i was right! coolio!
I was wondering why does "Type: Null" exist.
Me 2 seconds ago: I have a theory that Gladion named it wow I am so smart
Me now: Gladion named it my theory was right but... It just outright says it I'm not smart
Husbando named it * hyperventilation intensifies *