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I've got a pretty good question. Haven't been able to find answers for it because Oricorio's ability makes for new and unheard of mechanics to this day so I thought I'd ask here. I've had the idea of making a double team with an Oricorio and a Ribombee.

The idea was to have Ribombee start with a quiver dance, which would then be copied by Oricorio, giving me the opportunity to get a buff and an attack in the same turn, hopefully getting a sweep on an opposing Pokemon. Then Ribombee + focus sash could either stay in place or baton pass. Now while the whole thing seems to work, I've noticed, to my utter dismay, that while my Ribombee will go first most of the time (124 base speed) my Oricorio (93 base speed) will still lag behind an alakazam for example even though technically, it would be faster after the quiver dance's 50% speed increase. Now I seem to remember something about speed being calculated in a different way than other stats, but then if that was true my oras sunny day team with a clorophyll teeter dance Lilligant wouldn't work.

Any idea why? I thought maybe choice scarf was involved, but it seemed unlikely that the battle tree trainers would have one as often as it happened, moreover I saw some of them use two different moves. I'm stumped really.

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Since Speed is directly involved in turn order, isn't any change to Speed processed between turns, not during?  So on turn 1, Alakazam would go before Oricorio, but on turn 2 Oricorio would go before Alakazam, having copied the Quiver Dance on turn 1.

Or am I wrong?
I had that idea pretty long ago
What is the question? I don't understand what you're trying to get at.

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yeah I'm pretty sure the speed calculations with the oricorio speed buffed by 1 stage would occur on the turns after that.