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It just seems like a good idea and work, just like my venasaur sun moon strategy, I think it would work.

Why would you want to use this instead of Salazzle?

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As much as I hate to say it, nope, sorry.

At 48/40/40 HP/Defense/Special Defense respectively, it simply cannot survive strong hits, even with an Eviolite.

Further, it is weak to Ground (4X, no less), Psychic, Water and Rock, which are quite common in the Meta game (Earthquake, Psychic/ Psyshock, Scald and Stone Edge), so more often than not, it's not worth it.

Corrosion is a good ability that is further exploitable if the Pokemon is tank-y, but that's not possible with its shoddy defenses and poor typing.

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As far as I know, it works. I asked a similar question years ago about male Combee with Eviliote, and the response was that the Eviolite affects them, as the coding for it doesn't take into account gender. If you want to see that old question, look here.

I'm pretty sure he asked whether the strategy would work, not the item itself.
yeah, maybe. I took it to mean the item itself, but the question actually isn't that clear.