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I was doing another playthrough of Emerald and was training my Torchic. I haven't got access to poke balls because it was at the beginning of the game. I was training my Torchic (Lv 5) and I encountered a Shiny Poochyena! I was really excited since it was my first shiny encounter. But I have no Pokeballs to catch it... What should I do?

Just cheat for it! I did that when I got mine.
I just ran away from it and saved after that. I can't cheat because im not playing on an Emulator. Even if I did that, I dont like cheating.
Is it the Poochyena that you have to defeat for Professor Birch or is it just a random one from the grass?
Random one from the Grass.
I'm sorry for your loss :(

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Sry, if you have no pokeballs you can't catch it. U have to find another one. There isn't another way.

Are you sure? Is it based on your experience or is there a Source? I don't think this anwser is reliable.
Btw, I'm trying to make that battle last until someone gives me a more reliable anwser on what to do.
I recently lost a shiny because i didnt have any poke balls either. The only way to catch a shiny is, well, if you have pokeballs. Kyle's answer is plenty reliable. The only way to find another shiny Poochyena is to hunt for it again or take the easy route and gen one. Shiny denial can be hard man :(
Oh ok thanks. I'm just gonna take a picture of it anyway. It was my first Shiny after so many playthroughs.