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I am just wondering about this question, but I realized that a Ghost/Normal type Pokemon would have a total of 3 complete immunities (Fighting, Normal, Ghost), and only one weakness (Dark). Ghost/Fairy has a similar situation, 3 complete immunitites (Fighting, Normal, Dragon) and only two weaknesses (Steel, Ghost). Ground/Ghost, with 3 also (Fighting, Normal, Electric), with 5 weaknesses (Water, Grass, Ice, Ghost, Dark).

Are there any other type combos with 3 or more complete resistances?

Only using types, the max is 3. Using anything (excluding Wonder Guard) the total is 5 (3 from types [1 must be Ghost, the second must be a type with an immunity] 1 from the item [Air Balloon and Absorb Bulb are the only Items giving an immunity, of my awareness] 1 from ability [Water Absorb, Volt Absorb, Levitate, Etc.])

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Flying/Ghost is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Ground.
Ghost/Steel is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Poison.
Dark/Ghost is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic.

From what I saw, those are the only type combinations (Other than the ones you mentioned.) that have three immunities. There are also no Pokemon with more than three immunities. The only other way that a Pokemon could have three or more immunities is through abilities, such as Levitate, and type adding moves, (I'm almost certain that type changing moves, such as Soak, or type changing items, such as Arceus holding an Iron Plate, will not allow a Pokemon to have three or more weaknesses, as it changes the type, instead of adding one.) such as Forest's Curse.


Ghost/Electric (Rotom)-Normal-Fighting-Ground

Also, Shedinja is immune to everything except Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost, and Dark.