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According to Bulbapedia, characters that debuted after Generation 2 have titles like "the charmer" and "the conqueror". However, I have never seen anything in the books themselves that refer to the characters with such titles.

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I know that Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal get their names from Volume 14 of the GS arc, when Gold gets a packet from Professor Oak telling him what he is, right before his Pichu hatches. Besides those 7, though, I think they might just be fan-made names based on their personalities/characteristics.
Yeah, I know. That's why I specified after Generation 2.
Oh, sorry! I didn't notice that part of your question.
I assume they just magically get it from that region's professor or something idk.
But when do they magically get them?

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  • Gold
    According to Bulbapedia:
    Gold's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon hatching and is known as the "Hatcher". He has the ability to draw out the largest potential of a baby Pokémon, having lived with Pokémon his whole life. Togebo and Pibu are testaments to that title.

(Basically, he gets the title from the Professor.)

  • Silver
    His title "Exchanger" was also described by Professor Oak. He described that SIlver's special skill is Pokemon Trading.
  • Crystal
    Crystal is very devoted to completing the PokeDex and obviously catches a lot of Pokemon to accomplish this feat. Professor Oak gives her the title of "Catcher".

Okay, the rest of the titles were just given to the characters based on the skills they each had, for e.g. Ruby has the title of "Charmer" because of he cares about his Pokemon looking beautiful and Charming. These titles probably show up in the re-introduction to the characters pages which are the first few pages in each manga volume. (Those pages also give you a summary on what events have occurred.)

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