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For shiny hunting reasons (using SOS because I dont want to masuda): Can you use skill swap on an alakazam with synchronise to move synchronise to the wild Pokemon, then send in a smeargle and use skill swap again to put synchronise on the smeargle? Will synchronise still work on SOS Pokemon? Thanks for your help!


In theory it should work, however we have no idea as Abra can only learn Skill Swap through breeding... and no Human-like Skill Swap mons will be available until PokeBank is available in January.
he means the ability synchronize is a move and an abbility
Indigo was talking about skill swap, not synchronize. By the way, there's no move called synchronize.
Perhaps he was thinking about Synchronoise? They're very easy to mix up.
Also, Bulbapedia said that synchronize only has the same nature effect outside of battle. Are you sure Bulbapedia is wrong?

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Yes it would work but only with the pokémon that is called after that process. For example if you are shiny hunting a bagon you can skill swap with alakazam then send out smeargle and re-use skill swap and after that the next bagon it will be summoned will have a 50% chance to get the nature of smeargle.