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Should I use an absol or a mightyena on my team?

What is the rest of your team?
Blaziken, Swampert, Tropius, Alakazam and Manectric
Ingame, competitive, or both stat-wise?
It's in-game
I personally prefer Sableye because shadow ball does almost everything that dark attacks are good for and Sableye has no weaknesses.
Until XY+. (12 characters)
He said Emerald.
I know. I said Sableye until XY+.

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I would say Absol since it is gotten later than Mightyena, meaning you have more time to train the other Pokemon. It can also learn some powerful special moves to make up for its bad special Attack like Blizzard or Fire Blast. It gets access to Swords Dance for sweeping. But in Gen 3, Dark moves are special, so you will have to pull Shadow Ball on it. Here's a set I prefer in-game.

Absol - Shadow Ball / Aerial Ace / Double Edge / Swords Dance

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