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I've bred for two hours straight and have only been getting female Ralts. Why is this? Its gender ratio is 50/50, so what the heck?

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I've edited your question so that it's easier to understand, but the question's original title said something seemingly unrelated to the details on the question, so what I edited it to might not be what you're asking.
If you hatched 16 eggs, there's a one in 65536 chance that all of them are female. It's still above zero.
Thanks everyone! @Mega_Septile, that's fine. I remember you btw (that's not intended to be creepy) I woke up this morning and decided to hatch another egg and it hatched into who is currently known as GallantBlade. I'm not going to bother with natures for now because I'm trying to obtain everything still.

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Getting a male ralts is easy, just don't give up and you'll get it. Trust me, aiming for a specific gender is tough, and when breeding, I usually come across the same gendered Pokemon when breeding with ditto. you can get a male though, so don't give up.

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