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They both have purple hair (only in gen 1 for Agatha's case), their names start with A, and they are both Ghost type Specialist who appear in the game and end up getting in the E4. Sorry about my curiosity, I can be pretty observant at times.

Kanto is related with Alola so possibly.
You could also apply this logic to Fantina, though. I think purple hair is just a thematic trend in Ghost-type trainers. Same with Will from Unova.
Isn't Will from johto though
Yeah, isn't he a Psychic  trainer?
Derp, sorry. I mean Shauntal from Unova. It was one in the morning, cut me a little slack XD
No, Astro (   O_O)

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Probably not. Ghost types are usually purple, so that takes down the purple hair similarities. The A names are probably a coincidence. As to the E4, I have no answer. Game Freak does odd things sometimes. I am not completely sure, but it is most likely a coincidence.