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My OR crashes at Littleroot town (randomly, so I can do whatever I need to in a few attempts) and when entering E4 Sidney´s room (before the room loads, and always).
It would also crash when certain Dustoxes were to appear on screen, but not all of them, and when I received Caterpie over wonder trade. This does no longer happen, as I have both of these registered in my PokéDex.
Do you have any experience with ORAS crashing?

EDIT (18.III.2017): I have tried the game on another system with the same results. Therefore, the game is broken.

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Have you perhaps damaged the cartridge or your 3DS/2DS in some way? I have never heard of the game crashing like that for no reason.
It´s pre-owned, but I had no issues with Y. Maybe the cartridge, so I´m trying to find out more.
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Blue moon is right. Sorry I'm useless in answering your question, though.
Figured as much. Not sure what to do next.
Buy a new cartridge? That seems to be the obvious one.
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Your game probably crashes/crashed because:

  1. You (or the person who owned it first) damaged the game cartridge in some way. Maybe there is a scratch on the metal part of the cartridge that you don't know about.

  2. Your 3DS may be damaged. Maybe you drop it a lot on accident (like I do) or it's just old. Mabye you play it a lot and it just doesn't want to run for you. This has happened to me.

  3. (the least likely) Your game has a glitch. Maybe GameFreak had a problem with the first ORAS games to come out. They found a way to get rid of the glitch later, when they made more ORAS games. Or, maybe it's just a glitch with your particular game. GameFreak might not have realized that they made your game wrong or the machine did something or another wrong and you just got the wrong game.

I would suggest really looking over the game cartridge with a magnifying glass to make extra sure there isn't a scratch.
It doesn't sound like your game crashes anymore, so there's no reason to worry now, but if it glitches a lot you may have to get a new OR game.

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It doesn´t crash anymore because I don´t play anymore. I want to finish the game but I can´t. Thanks though.
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