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I want to breed my charizard but I dont know anything about breeding my female charizard (ps dont say ditto or another charizard)


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Charizard can onpy breed with other Pokemon in the same egg group as Charizard. Since Charizard belongs to the Dragon and Monster egg groups. So basically Charizard can breed with Pokemon in the Dragon egg group (Linked here) and the Monster egg group (Linked here). There is also Ditto that you mentioned in the description of your question.

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so gyrados works but it has to have a dragon move if you want your charmanders egg move to be a dragon move
Not necessarily. Egg moves are an entirely different concept that isn't directly determined by egg groups, egg groups are just to find which Pokemon are compatible. The link below shows the egg moves that Charmander can get; the ones it can inherit from Gyarados are Bite, Crunch and Dragon Dance. So if you want Charmander to inherit a Dragon move from Gyarados, your only option is Dragon Dance. http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/charmander/egg
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