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I want the Pokemon to be able to tank hits and deal good damage against the opponent. I'm using this to counter focus sash or sturdy.


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In Gen 8 OU, here are four viable Hazard Setters. (And of course Ferrothorn, but he was already mentioned.)

Skarmory @ Rocky Helmet/Leftovers
Impish Nature
Sturdy Ability
252 HP and Def, 4 Spe
-Stealth Rocks
-Brave Bird

Skarmory is an amazing physical wall. No physical attackers are going to beat this thing, with it's monstrous 140 base Defense. Rocky Helmet makes it even more insulting. It even has an immunity to Earthquake. Skarmory can safely set up Spikes and Stealth Rocks against physical attackers, but Special attackers are a real threat.

Chansey/Blissey @ Leftovers/Heavy-Duty Boots/Eviolite
Careful Nature
Natural Cure Ability
252 HP and SpD, 4 Spe
-Stealth Rock
-Thunder Wave
-Seismic Toss

Blissey and Chansey function pretty much the same. You can have Leftovers, or an Eviolite for more bulk. Anyway, either of them is a great Special wall. They can soak up attacks while setting up Stealth Rocks, but only Stealth Rocks unfortunately. Clefable can also set up Stealth Rocks, but with it's great Magic Guard ability, it's usually used as a Life Orb Sweeper.

Toxapex @ Black Sludge
Calm Nature
Regenerator Ability
252 HP, 128 Def and SpD
-Toxic Spikes

Toxapex is an infuriating wall that can easily set up Toxic Spikes. It has Regenerator, which means it gets 25% of it's health back upon switching. Use Haze if you're being Set Up on, Recover when you get low, and Scald for physical attackers that didn't get poisoned.

Mew @ Leftovers/Mental Herb
Bold nature
Synchronize Ability
252 HP, 128 Def and SpD
-Toxic Spikes
-Stealth Rock

Mew has access to 3 of 4 commonly used entry hazards. It is a mythical Pokémon, though. It has a typical EV spread designed to give Mew more time to set up entry hazards. Use Mental Herb to get at least one entry hazard off. I recommend Stealth Rocks. This set is completely walled by Dark types, but you could use Dazzling Gleam in place of Psyshock.

For Sticky Web, there aren't many viable users. The most viable right now is probably Araquanid, in UU. Araquanid is usually used a bully sweeper. Other popular choices are Galvantula or Ribombee.

Araquanid @ Leftovers
Jolly nature
Water Bubble ability
252 HP and At, 4 Spe
-Sticky Web
-Leech Life
-Poison Jab

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Heavy duty boots is better on Blissey.
clefable also for stealth rocks. Mew is not the best, but it also has access to stealth rocks, toxic spikes, and spikes
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In most singles formats, the best hazard setter is Ferrothorn. It can learn stealth rock and spikes, as well as leech seed to force switches. Its steel type provides lots of resistances and makes it immune to toxic. Its grass type makes it immune to leech seed and spore, as well as neutralizing its ground weakness and giving useful resistances to water and electric.
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I like forretres because it gets 3 entry hazard moves: spikes, stealth rock and toxic spikes. it also has pretty good defence.
but probably the best one is shuckle, with the best defences in the game.
give it:
252 def 252 spD 4 HP
and it gets sticky web, stealth rock, knock off, toxic, bind and lots of other useful moves, obviously we are focusing on sticky web and stealth rock.
plus, you get to boost defence with contrary shell-smash

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You need to expand on why it's a good choice and why you should use it over other choices.