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I want the Pokemon to be able to tank hits and deal good damage against the opponent. I'm using this to counter focus sash or sturdy.


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In most singles formats, the best hazard setter is Ferrothorn. It can learn stealth rock and spikes, as well as leech seed to force switches. Its steel type provides lots of resistances and makes it immune to toxic. Its grass type makes it immune to leech seed and spore, as well as neutralizing its ground weakness and giving useful resistances to water and electric.
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I like forretres because it gets 3 entry hazard moves: spikes, stealth rock and toxic spikes. it also has pretty good defence.
but probably the best one is shuckle, with the best defences in the game.
give it:
252 def 252 spD 4 HP
and it gets sticky web, stealth rock, knock off, toxic, bind and lots of other useful moves, obviously we are focusing on sticky web and stealth rock.
plus, you get to boost defence with contrary shell-smash

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You need to expand on why it's a good choice and why you should use it over other choices.