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How does Eelektross have the ability Levitate?

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I just don't get it! Eelektross is standing and so is it's pre evolution, Eelectrik.

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pokefans have been waiting a long time for a levitating electric type
Levitate also makes electross a little overpowered, it then has no weaknesses.

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Just because it has feet doesn't mean it's standing. Levitate means to hover above the ground, which is basically what it does. Gengar also appears to stand and Carnivine is a plant (normally rooted in the ground!) and they both have Levitate too.

Remember, some birds appear to stand on the ground but also avoid Ground-type moves. Think of it like they can raise themselves off the ground quickly to avoid those attacks.

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Electomagnetic field could be so powerful that it hovers above the floor

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Nice idea!
he has a good point!!!!!
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I don't either, but it doesn't really matter, because - after all - the ability levitate doesn't mean the Pokemon has to be a ghost.

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I agree. Why does it matter that he is on the ground?
i never thought of it that way before.....
Maybe GameFreak were being nice?