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Ok so I want a ghost type in my team but I can't choose Between Mega sableye or Mega gengar
Gengar has lonely nature and sableye has Calm nature
I am not done with their final moveset
I need help on this,also tell what moveset should I have for them

They're quite different in roles - sableye is defensive whilst gengar is offensive.
It depends on the rest of your team and the format.

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I have a Gengar with this moveset: Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, and Sludge Bomb.
As for Sableye, I would give it this moveset: Shadow Claw, Brick Break, Dazzling Gleam, Psychic.

According to Pokémon Database, Mega Gengar's stats are [HP=60, Att.=65, Def.=80, S.A.=170, S.D.=95, and Speed=130], while Mega Sableye's stats are [HP=50, Att.=85, Def.=125, S.A.=85, S.D.=125, and Speed=20].

As you can see, Mega Gengar is Specially Offensive (which makes this Pokémon the better Special Sweeper) and Mega Sableye is both Physically and Specially Defensive (which makes this Pokémon the better wall).

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I'd personally prefer Gengar over Sableye.