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So, recently I got a shiny Clauncher off the GTS, and evolved it, and I can't figure out what to do with it.

It's got a neutral Nature and I haven't checked out EVs or IVs yet, but I do have the set mostly figured out:

-Water Pulse: Primary STAB, Mega Launcher-boosted, goes great with that base 120 Sp. Atk.
-U-Turn: Because who doesn't like a nice pivot every now and again?
-Dark Pulse: Another Mega Launcher-boosted move, adds good coverage
-Aura Sphere: More Mega Launcher boosts

Problem is, though, I can't figure out whether to just go with a Life Orb or give it a Choice Scarf to help with that mediocre Speed stat. Any ideas?

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Clawitzer doesn't need to be fast. The best item for Clawitzer is most likely choice specs. Clawitzer itself is almost completely outclassed by Greninja, Manaphy, and Lanturn.
Claw is kinda cute in that it has more instant power than those 3 so it's not that outclassed. Those 3 are still MUCH better though
I realize that it's outclassed, but this is for low-tier stuff.
But didn't you get it off GTS? As far as I know, Pokemon online battling doesn't use the smogon tier system.
The use of Choice anything and a switching move (UTurn) is counter productive.  You can't change moves if you're using Choice, so you can't pivot out of a questionable situation on the enemy switch or KO.
Actually U-turn is not uncommon amongst Choiced Pokemon. You use it to scout what your opponent will do in response to the Choice Pokemon.
@Karma: Yeah, I know that, I meant for tournaments that follow the Smogon tier system, like non-Pokemon Company-affiliated stuff.
Ah, that makes more sense.
Clawitzer isn't good in NU, so to answer this question, I guess we'll have to wait for PU and see how good scarf Clawitzer is there.

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With your specific moveset, go with choice scarf. Clawitzer's special attack is already quite high, and the extra life orb damage isn't very necessary. Clawitzer lacks in the speed department but speed would do it good

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