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want to hatch a Pokemon egg. Don't no how or where is the best place to hatch the egg.

What do you mean by 'the best place to hatch'? It doesn't matter where you hatch the egg, it will be the same pokemon with the same stats everywhere.

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The amount of time left until a Pokémon hatches from its Egg is determined by the number of Egg cycles (which are measured in steps) that the player walks when it is in the party (including movement on a Bicycle or while Surfing). In-game time has no direct bearing on Egg hatching.
Since Generation V, an Egg will hatch when its Egg cycle count reaches zero. If multiple Eggs become ready to hatch at the same time, the first Egg in the party will hatch first while each subsequent Egg will hatch with each subsequent step.

In other words, it doesn't matter where you hatch the egg as long as you take steps. (cycling or surfing count as taking steps) As for the best place to take steps, it'll probably be a long, straight path near the Day Care.

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Best probably means where is the most efficient place in terms of getting the most steps for the least effort/input. Like cycling road in Plat you'd just hold down the  direction button for ages until you reach the bottom and not much else.
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If by 'best' you mean easiest, just ride back and forth near the front of the day care (a step in front of the twins), going left and right. This requires relatively little brain power, and if you're breeding for multiple eggs, the daycare man will let you know each time he has another egg as long as you don't have a full party (probably intentionally programed in so as not to harass a player with a full team of eggs).