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I'm trying to find a good replacement for Decidueye on my team. I've already got a ghost type and I don't want to repeat types in my team. I need a grass type and leaned towards Bounsweet's evolution line but I feel like I'm losing opportunity on a dual-type.

I've got Electric/Psychic, Fire/Ghost, Poison/Water, Ice/Fairy, and Normal/Fighting. If anyone knows of a good dual grass type that could help me please let me know!

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So, you have Alolan Raichu, Alolan Marowak, Toxapex, Alolan Ninetales, and Bewear? And you need a part-Grass-type that does not repeat any type on your team?
It seems that all the options that have better typing than Tsareena have other problems, so I'd say go with a Tsareena.

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If you've beaten sun( if you have it ) then go with Kartana, good attack and speed. If you don't have sun, then find a Parasect, I can't think of any other decent grass Pokemon that don't match your other types. You could use Parasect to set someone up with status moves.

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I have sun, but I'm still questing. I looked at Kartana and it looks like a great addition. So maybe Tsareena while questing until I can get Kartana.
But Parasect+Fire move= DED (especially with Dry Skin)
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You could use Tsareena, it has decent stats and decent moves, but honestly it's your choice. I'm no expert at Gen 7 grass types so I am not much help.

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Well, if you have beaten the game and is able to transfer, I would recommend:

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He's asking for a grass Pokemon, and only one of these Pokemon can be grass type. Worse, that one Pokemon is event exclusive, so the person who asked the question almost certainly has no access to it. How is this answer helpful?
Also, I don't mean to be rude, but you sound like quite a few of my opponents at the Battle Spot in SM. (You know the ones, they have a full team of Ubers...)
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I Suggest get a venusaur, it has high defenses and when it mega evolves, thick fat neutralized fire and ice type moves.

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Venusaur is very hard to get in SM, so this answer is most likely unhelpful.
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Go to the Lush Jungle and catch a Fomantis. It will evolve into the amazing Lurantis. It is a decently fast Pokemon and should have the moves:

Leaf Blade
Poison Jab

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I'm not sure now base 45 Speed could be regarded as even remotely fast.
Well, its defenses are decent, but there are all those weaknesses Grass types tend to have.