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I'm currently building a competetive team but I need a replacement for Mega Charizard Y (Charizard in general as I have found another use for the mega stone.)

Warning: This question may be a bit long to read to some so read at your own risk.

My team now is:
- Lucario (M)
- Garchomp
- Toxapex
- Charizard (Replace)
- Tyranitar
- Mimikyu ( I also feel like I should replace him as well but research tells me otherwise. Feel free to comment on this as you please)

Charizard I know isn't worth using without his Mega Evolution and even then I found that Mega Evolving serves more purpose with my other Pokemon. As of such i'm in need of a replacement as Charizard just sucks. However I was in doubt of this as he kind of severed as my main special attacker; but recently he hasn't really worked as well as I had hoped

These are the requirements for the new replacement:

  • Must have Fighting and or Ground Coverage (or at least something that withstands those attacks - i.e Gengar who has immunities to both those types or Delphox who resists Fighting )
  • Must Specialise in the Special category ( Sweeper or Tank I don't necessarily mind although a tank would be nice) / However I will also accept a mixed sweeper if it favours the special side (i'm not sure if there's such a thing as mixed tanks)
  • Not a Mega Evolution
  • Check grass and ice types
  • Much check Mega Lucario
  • Must check Aegislash

Note the Pokemon doesn't have to fill all the requirements, just as many as possible

These are some Pokemon that I have been considering as a replacement:
Rotom - H

you could try talonflame. it fill most if not all requirements.

  [1]: http://25.media.tumblr.com/52dbb7fcd15a5a3b785256abff5aea59/tumblr_mo9lrhDRhY1qk7puko1_400.gif
Talonflame's stats are pretty bad. Don't use it.
Celesteela and choice scarf Gengar fit all the requirements. By the way, there are mixed tanks. A good example is Tangrowth.
This question should probably be in the Rate My Team section, with full details for each pokemon
This question has already appeared in RMT, but with less details about the requirements for the replacement for Charizard. I guess the SkyRider person should edit the RMT question to include a copy of this one.
Okay thank you

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Someone's already answered, and I think I have a better answer, so I might as well contribute my ideas before this question becomes irrelevant.

Gengar @ choice scarf
Ability: cursed body
EVs: 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe
Modest nature
-sludge wave
-shadow ball
-focus blast
-giga drain
It's immune to fighting attacks and can learn giga drain to hit ground Pokemon. It's obviously a special attacker that doesn't mega evolve. It has sludge wave for grass Pokemon, focus blast for Lucario and ice Pokemon, and shadow ball for Aegislash. It has to hold a choice scarf or Lucario will outspeed it and OHKO it with a swords dance boosted attack.

Celesteela @ leftovers
Ability: beast boost
EVs: 252 HP/68 Def/188 SpD
Bold nature
-leech seed
-flash cannon
-air slash
It's immune to ground attacks and has air slash to hit fighting Pokemon. It's obviously a special attacker that doesn't mega evolve. It has air slash for grass Pokemon, flash cannon for ice Pokemon, and flamethrower for both. It can check Aegislash with flamethrower, and should be able to do the same to Lucario. In case you didn't know, leech seed can hit targets when they're using king's shield.

Wow thanks so much dude