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I had about 20 different teams in Pokémon Showdown. I brought my laptop to a different house, and next thing you know, everything is reset (avatar/background/teams). Did connecting to a different internet connection have anything to do with this?

They're saved on the browser

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Connecting to a different internet is not necessarily the problem. Do remember, the website is Pokemon Showdown Beta, so the are a lot of different problems going on.

There was a time where my teams just started to disappear. Otherwise resetting your computer or deleting your cookies will make them disappear. Some people prefer to export it and save it on your computer - as there is an import section on the site. But most cases are erratic, and possibly the internet could be one of them - though it's unlikely.

Hope something works! :)

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I would take "beta" with a grain of salt. Beta doesn't necessarily mean the program has errors, just that it isn't complete in its functionality. It wouldn't be released at all if it had recurring problems like suddenly deleting teams.
Cookies or a change in browser is to blame in my experience.
It's almost always Cookie/Logging into a different device. Showdown has been in 'Beta' for what - 5 years now?
I agree with the Beta, but the reason that it's not completely functional means that there a still slight chances that unexpected things will happen. It happened to me by just wiping out my teams or couldn't even log in to my old account. But, like said, cookies is the main problem.
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Clearing your cookies (specifically, localStorage) will delete your teams.

If you want to clear your cookies or localStorage, you can use the Backup/Restore feature to save your teams as text first.

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