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My team is almost complete, except for one thing, my Haunter. I just need to evolve him, then my team is complete. But should I use him? Here my team:

Sandslash lvl 35: Cut, Poison Sting, Slash, and Dig.
Dodrio lvl 35: Drill Peck, Tri Attack, Fly, and Fury Attack.
Haunter lvl 26: Lick, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, and Toxic.
Gyarados lvl 32: Thunderbolt, Double Edge, Ice Beam, and Dragon Rage.
Nidoking lvl 35: Thrash, Rock Slide, Horn Drill, and Seismic Toss.
and Venusaur lvl 39: Mega Drain, Body Slam, Razor Leaf, and Vine Whip.

So, should I use Gengar? Please tell me. Thank you, in advance.

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Both ghost and poison types were physical types in gen 1 which means that all poison and ghost attacks do damage based on the users attack stat and opponents defence. And as we all know gengar is not the greatest of physical attackers.
But it depends on moveset. so far it doesnt look like you will be needing its attack stat much though.
You should use Gengar only if you're willing to use a TM to teach it thunderbolt, thunder, or psychic. It's pretty useless unless it knows one of those moves.
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Don't add Gengar to your team if you already have a poison type. Psychic types (a type that is super effective against poison types) were overpowered in Generation One, so it's not a very good idea.
NPCs are pretty stupid in these games, so stuff like psychic being overpowered doesn't matter much.

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I would strongly consider changing him for slowbro. Gengar has a very shoddy move pool which limits its excellent speed and special, whereas slowbro has access to amnesia, psychic, etc. So unless you're planning on using TMs on your Gengar, I would suggest slowbro instead. Also, you should take off Dragon Rage for something else. Hope this helped, and have a nice day. ^^

You sould learn hynosis thats sleeep poks and then use dream eater that do good damage so genger is good if it has a good nature and good ivs in speed and spe attk
where do i get slowbro?