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In my team I have:

Who should I replace/switch with Lucario?

I'm pretty sure this counts as an ingame team rate.
Loosely yes, but the focus is very much on the Lucario and I think it can be answered objectively, so I approved this one.

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My Answer is to replace with Gardevoir. As you have 2 Psychic type Pokemons (Gardevoir and Togekiss).Your Togekiss can learn Fly so don't replace it with. This was my answer. Hope you like it.

He should not keep a pokemon just for HM if is used to fight, for that he needs to separate the pokemons he use to fight and the ones he use for Hm tasks, the HM especialist. This is a good advice, don't mix the pokemon used for fights for Hm tasks too, the right thing to do is separate them. Have a nice day :)
Plus Togekiss is fairy and flying theirs only 1 psychic type.
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I recommend getting rid of Aggron, as Tyranitar is also a Rock type that is also physically defensive and a physical attacker. Also, Tyranitar has both higher Special Defense and Special Attack. On top of that, Tyranitar has a bigger movepool and is a Dark type, while Aggron is the same type as Lucario.

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magnezone mabye. good stats, decent move pool loads of resistances and steel type same as lucario

I don't think you understood the question.
What he said.^^ The question is who to replace WITH Lucario, not who to replace him with