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What pokemon has the highest base stat total?

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I'm new to pokemon, and this site, but I want to know what pokemon has the best stats overall.

-FunintheD ;)

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AUNNYD913: If you're new, then read rules as often as possible. This question is OK, but we had many rule-breaking questions lately...thx :)

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Once again, refreshing the unanswered rocks!
And the would be arceus who has 120 in every stat leading up for a overall of 720!!

Arceus is the overall highest stat wise pokemon

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If youre looking for non-legendaries itd be slaking with 670 or if you want pseudo legendaries there are dragonite, salemence, hydriegon, metagross, tyranitar, and garchomp

A pseudo legendary is a 2 type pokemon with a base stat of 600

Click in the top left hand corner where it says pokemon third one down that says pokemon with stats click that and then on the bar that says name, type, and then lists all the stats click on total and it will give you a list of total base stats from greatest to least and if you click total again it will show least to greatest

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