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The title pretty much says it all. I just want to know which one will probably be best for competitive. I'm not gonna even use it, I'm just curious.

Here are the combinations:
Fire Pledge + Water Pledge = Your team's side will have the Serene Grace effect (x2 chance for additional effects from moves) for four turns.

Fire Pledge + Grass Pledge = The opposing team's side will be damaged for 1/8 of maximum HP each turn, for four turns.

Water Pledge + Grass Pledge = Halves the opposing team's Speed for four turns.

Out of these three combinations, which one is the most useful?
(Also, sorry if this question was already posted, but DB didn't show up with any similar questions.)

This sounds opinionated. Therefore, it is not allowed.
Good point.
I don't see this as opinionated. There's likely an objective answer, or at the very least examples of situations where the Pledge moves are useful (and which is best to use). If this was an opinion question it would look like "What is your favourite pledge combination?" If someone disagrees please let me know.
Given how good tailwind is in doubles, I think the grass water combination is most likely to also be good.

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It depends on what you need. If you have Pokemon with a ton of moves with a second effect, then go for the Fire + Water Pledge. If you have Pokemon that abuse additional damage effects, like Rough Skin and Rocky Helmet, or Sleep + Nightmare + Hex, then go for Fire + Grass Pledge. Finally, if you have Pokemon that are moderately fast or a tiny bit slow that are outsped by most Pokemon, then go for the Water + Grass Pledge.

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But, which combo is the most useful one of the three?
They are all basically the same except that they have different secondary effects and as I said it depends on what you need. For example, if you had a team of fast Pokemon, the water + grass pledge effect would be useless because your Pokemon would already be faster and the slowing effect of the pledge would be unnecessary, or if you had a team of Pokemon that only have moves without secondary effects then the fire + water pledge would be useless beacause none of your Pokemon would benefit from the pledge.
If it were me, I'd go with Fire Pledge + Grass Pledge. Damage is ALWAYS good and I always go for damage.