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It could belong to a legendary or a non-legendary

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I'll add my opinion so;
For starters there are only two 'true' signature moves - a move that is exclusive to only one Pokemon or it's line. Those two moves are Chatter and Sketch, only learnt by Chatot and Smeargle. So technically Chatter is the strongest? :3

Anyway so the strongest in base power is Roar of Time, Dialga's Signiature Move at base 150 power (Remember it has the recharge round though).

In terms of overall, I don't really think there is one. There are alot of powerful moves that contend, like Yveltal's Oblivion Wing, which not as powerful restores a large amount of the damage taken to Yveltal's HP, Darkrai's Dark Void which puts opponents to sleep, Arceus's Judgement which is a strong base 100 and always gets STAB, King's Shield and Spiky Shield (Aegislash and Chesnaught) which work in a similar way to protect, by protecting against offensive attacks and causing secondary side effects on top of that, and so forth. So yeah really opinionated.

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What about V-Create? );
Not Signature =/
Since both Victini and Rayquaza got access to it without much of a time lapse, and they have nothing to do with each other, so it isn't signiature. Searing Shot is though :P
Then wouldn't Roar of Time fall in to the same category because didn't Arceus and Darkrai have that move from an event? Sorry for being technical :p
Pfft ask Bulbapedia. They list Roar of Time but not V-Create. :P
lol Poor Victini.
what about spacial rend by palkia?
and ho-oh's and lugia's
Roar of Time is stronger.
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In means of sheer power:

V-Create (180)
Reduces Def, Sp.def and Spd as recoil.

Roar of Time / Dragon Energy (150)
ROT need recharge / D.Energy goes w/ Hp.

Ice Burn / Freeze Shock (140)
Charges one turn, release on 2nd turn. May Burn / Paralyze.

Pyro Ball / Dragon Ascent (120)
Most powerful starter signature move. / Flying CloseCombat.

Astral Barrage (120) / Glacial Lance (130)
Imagine you're Kyuurem w/ Sheer Force and you use Blizzard in a hail.
Both hit foes.

Sunsteel Strike / Moongeist Beam (100)
Ignore target abilities
In other words, defensive abilities is worthless against this.

Spacial Rend / Aeroblast (100)
High crit-hit ratio boost it x1.5.

Wicked Blow (80)
*Dark, Stab, always-crit-hit, meaning it ignores stat changes while does x1.5 damage. No wonder its banned to ubers.

In means of both power and/or utility:
Bolt Strike / Blue Flare (130)
Their side effect is pretty useful.

Thunderous Kick (100)/ Spirit Break (75) / etc.
100% chance of reduce certain status changes (Atk, Def, Sped etc)

Core Enforcer (100)
Supress target's ability if it moves first.
I.o.w.: Payback + Gastro Acid.

Shell Side Arm / Photom Geyser
- SSA Buster: Physical or Special based on witch target's defense is lower.
- P.Geyser: Physical or Special based in witch user's attack is higher.
Works pretty similar

Eerie Spell (90)
Drops 3PP of target's last move.

Parabolic Charge (65)
The only draining move that hit adjacent foes.

Increases Target's Atk/Sp.Atk by two stages.

Fiery Wrath (90)
DarkPulse but stronger and hit foes.

Freezing Glare (90)
IceBeam but psychic

Baneful Bunker / Spiky Shield / King Shield / Obstruct
Protect w/ some counter effects if contacts.

Tail Glow
Increase Sp.Atk by 3 stages in one turn.

Jungle Healing
Recover user and allies' HP by 25% and heal status ailments (Burn,Sleep etc).

Any of Zygarde's Ground ones (90)
*Land's Wrath, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves. All of them does the same thing: hit rised foes. (T.Arrows grounds rised Pokes).

Charges in 1st turn, Boost Sp.Atk, Sp.Def and Spd by two stages.
(Unless you have PowerHerb or lot of luck+patience, double QuiverDance helps more).

Plasma Fists (100)
Normal moves used after this move will get Galvanized. (Try a Boomburst alongside w/ that and Zeraora is Unbreakable).

Court Change
Switches the side of hazards and screens.

Aura Wheel (110) Electric
Boost speed by one stage each use.
Move Type switches w/ Hunger Switch.
A powerful move for a weak Pokemon... I actually dislike morpeko, sorry Marnie.

Honor Mention:
Lets Go Eevee/Pikachu Moves (90)
- Veevee Voley (Return but cant miss)
- Sappy Seed (Atk+Leech Seed)
- Baddy Bad(Atk+Reflect)
- Bouncy Bubble(Drains 50% HP)
- Buzzy Buzz (100% Paralyze)
- Sizzly Slide (100% Burn)
- Glitzy Glow (Atk+Light Screen)
- Freezy Freeze (ClearSmog but ice type)
- Sparkly Swirl (Cures allies Burn, Sleep, etc).
Starter Pikachu:
- Pika Papow (Electric Return, cant miss).
- Splishy Splash (30% Paralyze )
- Float Fall (30% Flinch)
- Zippy Zap (50 Pwr, +2 priority, Always crit-hits).

IMO, Eeveelutions should have these moves ASAP!!!

Plus, I wouldnt bother with signature moves that are just a stronger version of another with the same atributes but made to stab (not that they're worthless, they're just EX of regular moves):
Doom Desire (140) >> Future Sight (120)
Searing Shot (100) >> Lava Plume (80)
Fiery Dance (80) >> Charge Beam (70/90 Acc)
Psystrike (100) >> Psyshock (80)

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Fiery dance is way stronger than charged beam. Psystrike is stronger than psyshock. Searing Shot is stronger than Lava Plume.
And Glacial Lance and Astral Barrage should be included.
Behmoth Bash and Behmoth Blade too!
Fiery Wrath and Freezing Glare should be included.