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My Lucario has 31 IVs and 252 EVs in its special attack stat. Its Sp. Attack was at 238. I used a Hondew Berry and it didn't go lower. Is that normal.

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What's its nature and level?
Also, *special
its lvl 77 and its hasty nature PLUS speed - DEF
I see you're relatively new to the site, but you should post stuff like this as a comment.
Okay, well, first of all, I can tell you that your Lucario does/did not have 31 IVs and 252 EVs, because with a Hasty nature at lv 77, its SpA stat should have been 254, yet you report 238. So I'm not 100% sure what's going on there; maybe you miscounted while EV training or something, idk. And in any case, it still doesn't answer why its SpA isn't decreasing with Hondew berries, but this is what I've got, and maybe it can help in some way.
KRL my lucarios SP atk is 254 so idk what you talking about and yes I prob just got something wrong
Snorlax, could you please verify for sure what stats your Pokemon has? Press the Y-button while viewing your Lucario's summary -- does Special Attack glitter? If not, Lucario's EVs are not at 252. Similarly, if you use the 'Judge' option in the PC (assuming you've unlocked it -- Google it if not), is Special Attack listed as 'best'? If not, Lucario's IVs are not at 31.
Try using more Hondew berries. Lucario's Special Attack should be going down by roughly two points at a time if the numbers you've presented are accurate.

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You need to use multiple berries to decrease the SpAtk, since Hondew berries lower 10 EVs instead of the actual stat. When you are at Lvl 100, 4 EVs is 1 stat point. Since you are not at Lvl 100, it is slightly less.

Here is a video explaining EVs

Your Lucario might not have many SpAtk EVs, so the berry would have little to no effect, but if it does have SpAtk EVs, use multiple berries.

Hope I helped.

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Isn't it ten points per berry? I can't seem to access Bulbapedia right now, so I don't know for sure.