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Is there a McDonalds equivalent or anything of that sort?

They do in the TV show, but since video games tend to minimize the amount of buildings in each city, probabaly not.
i was gonna make an answer that was too easy to get best answer but i couldnt since i didnt know what types of fast food there are in games (I DIDNT WANTED TO INCLUDE THE CASTELIACONE IN BW XY)
In the anime, remember in Season 1 when Brock made riceballs (jelly donuts). 'Cuz nothing beats a jelly-filled donut!
obviusly that was a jelly filled donut XD
True, but in the Japanese version, it was a riceball. In the English version, hence the donut.
If anyone knows anything feel free to give an answer even if its not complete
do malasadas in SM count?

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It probably does due to the fact some dex entries say that some Pokemons are delicious some examples are wishiwashi,crabrawler's pincers etc.

Those aren't necessarily fast food, though.
Yeah mate lol
That's more like "slow food" and nothing like fast food.