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For example: Gyarados is mainly a physical attacker, but its Sp. Def is higher than its regular Defense. Similarly, Magnezone is mainly a special attacker, but its regular Defense is higher than its Sp. Def.

What other Pokemon have a similar stat distribution?

Flareon, for one thing.
I know Ninjask, Aerodactyl, Beedrill, and Lopunny.
Oh, boy.  Looks like I'm going to have to make another program.
Just wondering...how many Pokemon-related programs have you made?

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Mega Venusaur Def>SpD
Mega Blastoise Def>SpD
Beedrill And Mega Beedrill SpD>Def
Raticate SpD>Def
Arbok SpD>Def
Dugtrio & Alolan Dugtrio SpD>Def
Persian SpD>Def (Regular Only)
Primeape SpD>Def
Machamp SpD>Def
Victreebel SpD>Def
Rapidash SpD>Def
Slowbro And Mega Slowbro Def>SpD (Mega has a big differnce btw)
Farfetch'd SpD>Def
Muk And Alolan Muk SpD>Def
Hitmonlee SpD>Def
Hitmonchan SpD>Def
Seaking SpD>Def
Gyarados and Mega Gyarados SpD>Def
Flareon SpD>Def
Lord Helix (Omastar) Def>SpD
Aerodactyl And Mega Aerodactyl SpD>Def
Moltres Def>SpD
Dragonite SpD>Def
Umbreon SpD>Def
Heracross SpD>Def (Regular Only)
Magcargo Def>SpD
Stantler SpD>Def
Hitmontop SpD>Def
Ho-Oh SpD>Def
Pelipper Def>SpD
Ninjask SpD>Def
Volbeat SpD>Def
Kecleon SpD>Def
Gorebyss Def>SpD
Lopunny and Mega Lopunny SpD>Def
Chatot Def>SpD
Weavile SpD>Def
Magnezone Def>SpD
Tangrowth Def>SpD
Electivire SpD>Def
Yanmega Def>SpD
Glaceon Def>SpD
Gallade and Mega Gallade SpD>Def
Dialga Def>SpD
Samurott Def>SpD
Excadrill SpD>Def
Whimsicott Def>SpD
Cofagrigus Def>SpD
Pyroar Def>SpD
Gogoat SpD>Def
Furfrou SpD>Def (However Fur Coat balances it)
Slurpuff Def>SpD
Trevenant SpD>Def
Volcanion Def>SpD
Decidueye SpD>Def
Vikavolt Def>SpD
Araquanid SpD>Def
Palossand Def>SpD
Komala SpD>Def
Turtonator Def>SpD
Togedemaru SpD>Def
Mimikyu SpD>Def
Celesteela Def>SpD
Necrozma (Regular) Def>SpD
Marshadow SpD>Def
Zeraora (Its Not Released Yet) SpD>Def

Btw this took me almost a hour to make so I hope you would benefit from it.
And Note: This is only fully evolved Pokemon and its also order from first to last dex number.

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The question was asking for Pokemon who had a higher defense in the opposite category of their highest attack stat. For example, a Pokemon with physical attack being the highest attack stat and special defense being the highest defense stat would go on this list.
Hellfire Taco, look at each Pokemon on the list. They DO fit.
Example: Vaporeon's Sp. Def is higher the Def, but Sp. Atk is higher than Attack so it's not on the list.
Oh, okay. Sorry. The fact that it only said which defense stat was higher threw me off.
If you want me to edit it so atk can be seen i can edit it