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turn 6
Edit: In case you didn't know, the evasion clause bans double team and minimize and has no effect in-battle.

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I think it refers to failing to clear entry hazards (on any/both sides) due to a lack of the same.
At the beginning it said Evasion Clause and said no evasion moves allowed. Is that what was wrong, I don’t really know what this question is asking.
i think that clause refers to evasive raising moves like double team or minimize but could be wrong :/
I've tested defog (though not in Generation 7), and it doesn't fail even if there was nothing to clear.
Maybe it's because you don't know the move taunt, but I don't know if you know or don't know (try to read this with your mouth, it's tongue twisting)
From what I noticed, it DID lower the evasiveness and remove sumwun els's reflect and light screen. Maybe it said it failed because there was nothing on YOUR side to clear.
I Believe it failed because there was nothing to clear. If you notice, it did lower your evasion, so it did something, but just couldn't clear anything from the field.
Bulbapedia says defog doesn't fail even if there's nothing to clear. Are you sure about this?
Looks like it didn't clear anything on its side.
lol. You guys...

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Okay, it took me some time, but my cousin made a video showing that Defog will not fail then used in a battle. Also, since you were on showdown, the most likely reason is that there was no fog to clear.
This is the video. Sorry that it cuts off late and has some glare.

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