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My Ultra Moon team thus far is:


Thinking either Alolan sandshrew or Alolan Golem for my final spot.

Just unsure of which will help round out my team. Thanks.

If any other better suggestions Let me know please.

Ehm sandslash???
I'm pretty sure this counts as an in-game team rate, which is not allowed.
Doesn’t ask you to rate the team, just assess which Pokémon fits better which can be objective. Fine with this.

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It would be better if you would have a fully evolved Pokemon on your team, so if you don't have an Ice Stone for evolving it, get Alolan Golem. It has a pretty good offensive typing, and it has high defense too.
However, if you can evolve Alolan Sandshrew, it would be a better decision for the team. Alolan Sandslash has a great offensive typing and less weaknesses, all of which are covered by your team members.
More information about Alolan Sandshrew and regular Sandshrew: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/sandshrew
More information about Alolan Golem and regular Golem:https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/golem

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Yeah totally agree, but be careful when using a-sandshrew as it has a horrific 4x weakness to fire moves cough cough incineroar

Golem has a 4x weakness to ground, which is just as bad.
@sumwun, but Alolan Golem gets access to Sturdy and Counter to revenge kill any Earthquakers. It also has a far better defensive stat than Alolan Sandslash's special defensive stat. I still think the normal Golem is better though because there are a lot of good Electric Pokémon out there and thus having STAB Earthquake would be better than having STAB Electric moves.