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This is my first forum post on a subject like this as well as starting to seriously raise a team so please bear with me.

My Noivern is about to level up and learn Boomburst, but I'm not sure which move I should replace it with. Here are the stats:

Nature: Naughty (so ATK is increased, while SP. DEF is not)
Characteristic: Takes a lot of siestas (so HP)
Ability: Frisk

HP 231
Sp. Atk 173
Atk 154
Sp. Def 117
Def 152
Speed 211

Dragon Pulse (eventually replacing w/ Draco Meteor)

I want to replace something with Boomburst, so I'm thinking either Tailwind or Roost, but since it has a high HP already, Roost could keep it in the game. However, Tailwind will help my ally Pokemon in a double battle, as well as double its already high speed. What do you all think?

I only plan on using it for the League and possibly the Battle Tree. I do not wish to compete in online competitions. I only play for fun but would like to start raising a serious team for battling with friends. Thank you for your advice!

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Get rid of Roost.

Compared to its other stats, it has shabby defenses and unfortunate typing. Rock, Fairy and Ice Type moves are generally enough to KO it sooner than it can Roost. It is an offensively based Pokemon that can't always utilize Roost properly unless against extremely defensive Pokemon.

A good moveset has any 4 of the following moves, in general, but in-game as well: Air Slash / Boom Burst / Heat Wave / Dragon Pulse (or Draco Meteor) / Tailwind.

Keep in mind again that Tailwind is also a support move that sees little use unless the rest of your team has really strong attackers that need a little boost to get going and wreck opposing teams. Also, Draco Meteor while extremely powerful, pretty much forces it out before it can continue to do huge damage to the opposing team.

In fact, for in-game I'd recommend a more reliable moveset of Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Heat Wave and Tailwind (or Boom Burst in this last slot). Consistent damage is good enough in-game (not the Battle Tree, but definitely the Pokemon League). If you really feel you need a strong move in a pinch situation you might want Draco Meteor, but in general that is not necessary.

I second that, EB. You don't want to waste a turn just to loose Noivern's Flying-type, making it a pure-Dagon-type. It can learn more useful Flying-type moves (like Hurricane or something).
Thank you very much!  This is really great information to know!
No problem, have fun and good luck! :D