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I'm trying to look for abilities or held items that reduce either ground attacks, electric attacks, or fighting attacks. I decided to give him the cell battery so electric does something good for him, but I can't think of anything else to do. I tried looking up the absorb abilities, but Empoleon can't use them.

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https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/empoleon I'm not sure if you mean actual abilities (such as Torrent or Defiant) or moves (such as Hydro Cannon and Aqua Jet), but both what abilities Empoleon can have and what moves it can learn can already be found on this website.
I think this question is pertinent to how Empoleon can cover its own weaknesses -- not sure the 'ability' wording is what OP actually wants. I'm going to edit the title to reflect this.
@ShadowsCorner I hope this is okay; if not, feel free to edit the post yourself so it says exactly what you want.

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There are no ways for Empoleon to cover it's weaknesses with its abilities. The two abilities Empoleon has access to are:
Torrent | Boosts the power of Empoleon's Water-type moves when it's HP is 1/3 or less.
Defiant | Boosts Empoleon's attack 2 stages when one of it's other stats is lowered.

However, you can use some items to cover its weaknesses, Electric, Ground and Fighting.

First, you can use berries that halve the damage of these types of moves when hit by one once.
The Shuca Berry will cover Ground.
The Wacan Berry will cover Electric.
And the Chople Berry will cover Fighting.

Remember that these berries are only usable once per battle, except if you have Recycle (which Empoleon can't even learn) or someone Tricks one to you (which is way too situational).
Out of the berries above, I'd recommend the Shuca Berry (due to the higher frequency of Pokemon with Earthquake), but it's your choice.

If you want to be fully immune to Ground-type moves, you can also give Empoleon an Air Balloon. This will make it immune to Ground type moves until it gets hit by any other moves that it isn't immune to (everything except Ground or Poison moves, and status moves), after which Ground type moves will hit you super effectively as usual.

If you don't want to dodge the weaknesses, you can try using a Weakness Policy, which is a much better choice than the Cell Battery because
1) It will increase both Attack and Special Attack by two stages, rather than only increasing Special Attack one stage and
2) It will count all of Empoleon's weaknesses, not only Electric.

In Double Battles you also have the option of using the move Skill Swap Empoleon to give it one of the abilities that absorb Empoleon's weaknesses, like Motor Drive, Volt Absorb or Levitate.

Hope this helped!

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Why not Trick-or-Treat to add Ghost-type to Empoleon, which would grant immunity to Fighting.
Skill Swap Empoleon's ability for Volt Absorb/Lightning Rod/Motor Drive to nullify Electric weakness ; make Empoleon hold an Air Balloon to nullify Ground weakness ;  use Trick-or-Treat on it to nullify Fighting weakness.

Then, it'll be only weak to Ghost and Dark.

Note that Gourgeist can learn both Skill Swap (Move Tutor) and Trick-or-Treat (level-up).
I don't mind the editing of grammar and stuff, after all i'm nationally not English so I can't Always be 100% accurate. :)