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In any Nuzlocke, like an X Nuzlocke, you can capture Pokemon and you can receive gift Pokemon. What if you get a gift Pokemon on a area, can you also capture a Pokemon in that area? This is really confusing for me.

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It's important to remember that the Nuzlocke Challenge has no official rules, thus certain clauses are established and players can choose to recognise these clauses if they want to.

One of these clauses is the Gifts Clause, which allows players to keep Gift Pokemon as the one Pokemon received from that area. Generally, the Gifts Clause is something that makes your Nuzlocke run easier (as gift Pokemon are usually rare). Thus, you can decide to enforce the Gifts Clause based on whether you want an easier or harder Nuzlocke run. It's ultimately your choice, althoug you must maintain this clause throughout the whole run, so you should also consider whether the Gifts Clause will provide a benefit or deficit to your run later on.

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In accordance with Nuzlocke law, only the first encounter in any area may be legally added to one's team. If you already encountered a Pokémon in the same location, the gift Pokémon is no longer valid, and if accepted, must be relegated to the 'dead' box. Similarly, if you have accepted a gift Pokémon in any route (or city if you allow encounters in both), no further Pokémon may be caught there. In some cases, the only possible encounter is a gift (N's Zorua in Driftveil). More demanding Nuzlockes would outright ban use of gift Pokémon.