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I've just caught my adamant nature Ho-Oh and I am wondering whether I should use Iron Head or Zen Headbutt on it? What are the pros and cons of each? If you were wondering I run it on this:

Ho-Oh @Weakness Policy/Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4Def
Nature: Adamant
Sacred Fire
Sky Attack
Earthquake (TM)

Held item is subject to change as well - does anyone have any ideas?

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What do you want to use this Ho-Oh for?
By the way, I'd say toxic is better than both zen headbutt and iron head because it can be used to defeat opponents that are defensive enough to tank any of Ho-Oh's attacks.
Right: so I was going to use it for the Team RR episode along with my Mega Mewtwo Y and Dialga, so I thought maybe an attacking set, to balance off the two special attackers. However, I thought about Toxic but it has no effect on steels either. However, still a great move.
In that case, I'd suggest recover so you can heal yourself for free.
Thanks, will probably use that.

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If you are going to run Sky Attack over Brave Bird, I would give it a Power Herb or a Flyinium Z. Other than that, if you are giving it four attacking moves, I would give it a band, or scarf, or Expert Belt or something. Finally, definitely go for Iron Head, as that beats Rock types, which are Ho-oh's main counters, and has much better coverage spread with Ho-oh's other moves.

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I would rather take 2 turns and unleash the equivalent of some z-moves than recoil-I really don't like brave bird precisely for the recoil damage.
However, BB has some nice PP...
**cough cough** PP Max