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I recently obtained Pokémon White, and, ready to play it. I have a team planned, with all but one member, a Dragon slayer. I ruled out Hydriegon and Druddigon because they either evolve to late, or are weak. My team is as follows.

Samurott: Torrent: Dive, Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam (I tried to minimize HM slaves)

Krookodile: Moxie: Crunch, Earthquake, Strength, Dragon Claw/Outrage

Galvantula: Compound Eyes: Thunder, Bug Buzz, Cut, Energy ball

Archeops: Defeatist: Fly, Stone Edge/Rock Slide, Earthquake, U-Turn

Chandelure: Flame Body: Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Psychic, Energy Ball.

They don’t have any items. Here are my proposed sets for Haxorus and Vanilluxe

Haxorus: Rivalry: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Brick Break

Vanilluxe: Ice Body: Hail, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Flash Cannon (this set is quite unconventional, so, please, tell me if it is okay, but he doesn’t get any other moves really)

Thank you in advance. Please tell me which of the two, Haxorus or Vanilluxe, I should use and if I should tweak the team in any way. This is for the original White. (I realize that this is technically two questions in one, but they are related)

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@ammemeter: I will just use the Haxorus set I made, because it handles Ghetsis very well. But how will I level up Haxorus enough to match the level of my team.
You could just have both, there is no reason to keep only six or less, Training more than six is not hard too. You will be able to create especialized and balanced parties for better effects and mix too, instead of only balanced. In the end you can have the strengh of both team members in diferent situations instead of having only one and using him even when he is not the best suitable choice, just the "Average" one filing a spot. What i'm saying is professional strategy used not only in pokemon  but many other RPG games, if you search for the top pokemon players and winners you'le find that most of them don't rely only in six pokemons for fight even during the easy ingame play, they are perfectionist and ruthless. One interesting thing is that the games where you can change the dificult like Black and white 2, in the hard mod you'l have a hard time using the basic six strategy, you'l need advanced tricks and setups to win in that partoicular dificult. You'l need to rely on especialized teams instead of average balanced sometimes.
 So my advice is that you keep both, have a team of seven instead of six, it will not be dificult and you will have the best of each, besides in gen 5 you aways reach the elite four with all of your pokemon about the same level as the elite four members.
@olli, thank you so much. I’ve started white, and I’m advancing. I’ll keep this in mind when playing future games.
Having teams larger than 6 Pokemon is probably not a good idea. From my experience, it's easier to do it with fewer Pokemon (which is why speedrunners often use only one Pokemon) because smaller teams are much easier to overlevel.
I decided to use vanilluxe, but I will keep a Haxorus in case I need it.

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If your needing a dragon slayer use vanillite, dragon is 3x weak to fairy and ice. Even tho dragon is weak to dragon, when you have haxorus something may be faster and then you die first. By the way if you do pick haxorus switch dragon claw with dragon pulse.

There is no fairy type silly.
First, there are no 3x weaknesses unless something has filter or solid rock. Second, why would dragon pulse be better than dragon claw when they have about the same base power and dragon claw uses Haxorus's better attack stat?
I was about to edit that onto mine.