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My team is:

Alolan Meowth (temporary)

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Have your Magnemite spam charge beam. If that doesn't work, then level it up a few levels and try again.
He dies in two shots
What level is it?
Also, you should be spamming charge beam, not thunder shock. My earlier comment was wrong.
Please tell your pokemon' s level, ability and moves
Pretty sure this battle takes place in rain, is there a way to get Thunder?
Get the cap Pikachu by scanning a QR code on Bulbapedia. It is Lv. 21 and comes with Thunder.

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Get the Pikachu in a cap by scanning a QR code on Bulbapedia, then go to Pikachu Valley and get it, and go to the Pikachu standing by the woman with the cap Pikachu in your party, and it will give you the Pikashunium Z. Extra tip: Don't use the Z-Move immediately, as the totem is holding a Berry that reduces the power of electric attacks.

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They still work just fine when your base special attack is 95.
Just stop.
Magnemite is the (2nd) best Pokemon in the game and if you disagree I will fight you irl. There is no way this thing is not the (2nd) best.

Availability: Trainers' School. Relatively high encounter rate, easy to catch.
Offense: Thunder Shock sounds dumb but off Base 95 SAtk it steamrolls ****. I hear some people saying "oh no!!! thunder shock doesnt do **** in akala" well GUESS WHAT it gets a Magnet in the Pikachu Valley and the Charge Beam TM at Brooklet Hill (or so I've heard). That's a 50% increase in damage output and right before the Water trial!!! insert multiple thinking faces here. Then it evolves probably by the end of Akala, and AGAIN once you reach Blush Mountain (not that far away). Now you have a Magnezone vs scores of NFE garbage being thrown at you, gg
Defense: Being part Steel-type means you not only beat every Melemele trainer not named Hala, but also every Team Skull Grunt (makes a convenient lead versus them). AND half the trials: Gumshoos/Raticate, Togedemaru (use Hidden Power lol), Mimikyu, and Ribombee. Basically simplifies a lot of the game. ALSO you can use it to get a Toxic off on Ultra Necrozma = ezpz
Design: a better Electric-type than your Rotom Dex. bzzt!

There is absolutely 0 way this mon is not the (2nd) best Pokemon in the game.
Credit where credit is due: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/ultra-sun-ultra-moon-in-game-tier-list.3621876/page-3#post-7601415
Please be quiet. Magnemite is not the 2nd best, as it is weak. Magneton is okay, but definitely not Magnemite.
95 base special attack and 11 resistances is definitely not weak, especially for a Pokemon that can be found on Route 1.
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Here are some suggestions

  • Train your Magnemite to Level 25. In the battle against the totem, use Magnemite to paralyze the Araquanid (using spark or thunder wave) Then, use Metal Sound to harshly lower it's special defense. Magnemite learns Metal Sound at level 25. Finally, use Thunder Shock or Charge beam to take out the Araquanid. And to deal with it's ally Pokemon, do the same. Use a strategy.
  • Evolve your Magnemite into Magneton, at Level 30. Magnemite also learns Electro Ball at Level 29, which can be useful to defeat the totem and its allies.
  • This way takes time, but it's useful. Train a Hawlucha or Trumbeak, and give them Flyinium Z. It will most likely one shot the Araquanid because, it's HP is garbage, and it's Defense is ok.
  • Another way that takes time is, to train your whole team. Train them up to level 25-30, and you'll be fine. Also, your Alolan Meowth evolves by happiness, and it can be useful because of it's ability Fur Coat. It reduces damage from Physical Moves, and Araquanid is a Physical Attacker.

Hope this helped :)

Hawlucha is great, but please don't suggest using Trumbeak. It sucks.
No! My Toucannon is epic, but it's pre evolutions are a bit naff.
Its stats, typing, and growth rate are all worse than Hawlucha's, so I don't know what you're talking about.
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Make sure your Magnemite has sturdy. If not, then replace it with a Magnemite that has sturdy. Teach it charge beam and level it up to about level 24. Then, it should be strong enough to overpower the totem Araquanid. A sturdy Magnezone will be a great help later in the game, so this is a worthwhile investment.

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Level Dartrix up till it learns a flying move
Go back to Melemele and enter ten Carat Hill
Get Flyinium Z (guide online)
Go back to the trial
Lead with Dartrix and bust out Supersonic Skystrike on the first turn.