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Should I use Barboach or Corsola in the fire trial? I've checked out a few different Pokemon and these two seem like the only ones to stand a chance

Wingull and Grimer are also better than those two.
I was looking at it with double STAB points of view
And I can't use grimer in that trial because of Brick break
Well, you can only use 1 move per turn, so having two good moves usually isn't useful. I think you should focus more on attack stats and growth rates so that 1 move per turn is hitting as hard as possible.
Also Grimer isn't weak to brick break because it's poison type.
Aqua tail and Magnitude. I did the two good moves because of Cursed body

Also: I did not know that
Good to know
Wingull's water pulse and Grimer's bite are both stronger than Barboach's magnitude. You're probably not going to waste your time letting Barboach learn aqua tail before fighting the Marowak.

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I would say Barboach, because it gets Earthquake -- but you can't get the TM till later on, and you probably won't grind to level 32 to get it. So I would say Corsola because it quad-resists Fire attacks and gets Recover at level 8.

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Thanks! I'll go trade my tentacool for a barboach then!
I was a little wary about Corsola because Marowak has Brick Break, so thanks for the tip
no wait changed my answer
use corsola
I would actually use Barboach, since, if you want to keep it after the trial, it can evolve and still hold its own in the late game, while Corsola gets outclassed before too long. But they're both still valid choices for the Fire Trial.
Well, Whiscash is my fav so u better use him
Just use both of them.
Use good grammar. I'm calling the "cop"