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Which is more suitable for Toxapex?

Merciless is pretty useless because Toxapex's attack stats are too low for critical hits to make much of a difference.

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Merciless and Regenarator both are good. Merciless makes Toxapex's attacks become critical hits while the target is poisoned, but it would be rare that an opponent poisoned a Poison type Pokemon. So, I think Regenarator is good. But, unfortunately, Toxapex cannot learn U-Turn or Volt Switch, like Mienshao, so that's a problem. But, Regenerator restores 1⁄3 of Toxapex's maximum HP when switching out.
So, I think Regenarator is better than Merciless for Toxapex.

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Regenerator is like a million times better than Merciless. You forgot to mention that Toxapex has terrible Attack, which defeats the whole point of Merciless, and him not learning U-Turn doesn’t really take away the viability of Regenerator; like I said earlier his attack and speed is so low U-Turn would do minimal damage and he would get outspeed too